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Posted by Mike on Sunday, February 15, 2004

"Wait 'til next year..."

It would appear that as part of the fallout of the Yankees aquisition of Alex Rodriguez a number of Red Sox fans are on suicide watch. The Yankees have gone and bought another amazing talent. What else is new? They do this sort of thing every year and there was no reason why they should have acted any differently this year. Now that the Yankees have the best player in the game snuggly fit into their infield how do they match up against the Red Sox? Very favorably of course but truthfully they are not so much better that a few injuries won't hurt them the same as every other team.

I would like to point out that the Red Sox still have built what would appear the second best team in the major leagues. The road to the 2004 World Series will likely go through New York once again but this year it also will go through Boston. There is little hope for any other team in the American League at this point. If there is still any justice remaining in the world the Red Sox will make the playoffs along with the Yankees. The other two playoff teams will have to take down both the Red Sox and the Yankees.

Think about that for a moment and feel a little bit of sympathy for the rest of the competative teams in the American League. The Blue Jays and Angels made some significant improvements over the winter and were hoping to make a run at the playoffs. The Athletics will find a way to win as usual with their pitching and funky offense. The Royals will probably win the AL Central by default as long as their pitching doesn't completely implode. None of these teams are talented enough to beat both the Red Sox and the Yankees in the playoffs. I'm sure that, "things can happen," but I wouldn't bet on that being the case.

Without a doubt 2004 is the year of the Boston - New York fight to the finish. Forget about the rest of the league because baseball will be about the AL East this year.

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