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Posted by Jon on Friday, April 16, 2004

And So It Begins...

In a few short hours, all of us here -- with our differing allegiences -- will be watching the first of nineteen regular season meetings between the Red Sox of Boston and those Bronx Bombers. I'm excited, but not too hopeful for Game One. Javier Vazquez, a pitcher who flew under most American League fans' rader screens, is dominant more often than not. By season's end, he should have the best numbers of all of New York's starters. He's just that good.

Nevertheless, all of the North East will most likely be tuned into the game, as it will be broadcasted in primetime on network television. I just can't wait.

Odds and Ends
Dave's night to post has been pushed back due to children in public housing...or something like that. But it's an understandable excuse. Finals week up at Bates is a bit earler than at most other schools. He apologizes profusely and promises fantastic content tomorrow to make it up to us all.

Hats Off to C.C.
A few days ago a Slate.com article by Josh Levin about the baseball blogosphere linked to a recent post of mine about the flat-billed cap-stylings of new Brewers reliever Jeff Bennett. Check it out the picture if you haven't yet. It's something you may never see again!

In the post, I wrongly credit Dontrelle Willis as the originator of the new style of cap-wearing. Reader Corey Rubin, finding Talking Baseball through the Slate.com article, points out that this new trend looks to have been originated by Indians' starting pitcher C.C. Sabathia. "Tribute to the C.C. Hat" offers better details on the development of the style's popularity, asserting that "the C.C. hat, which entails cocking the brim of the cap to either the left or right, so that the team logo is off-center, is the future of baseball."

As long as the hats don't look like Jeff Bennett's hat, baseball will be alright. Thanks, Corey, for the heads-up.

I'll take this opportunity to point out some interesting links to check out until Dave can get his post ready.

• Idiots Write About Sports compiles a table of 2004 presidential campaign contributions by each MLB team owner's family. A few points of interest from "Putting the 'Fun' in 'Fundraising'":
1) owners are more likely to be Republicans
2) the Liebermans and the Seligs must be pretty close
3) I can't decide whether to disrespect for the White Sox ownership for donating to Bush or to respect them for donating to Carol Mosley-Braun
4) and that Ted Turner donated to John Kerry!

• Cheer up, Red Sox fans. Of all MLB teams' records for each season in the last 25 years, Boston has the best worst season. Their most losses in a season in that span? Only 89. The White Sox and Cards are tied for second with 92-loss seasons. Unfortunately for Red Sox Nation, in the same span of individual seasons, twenty teams have had better seasons than Boston's best, 95 wins.

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Dave will return with some hot stuff tomorrow.

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